Training children to be kindergarten ready.

children and teacher play and learn while using a laptop computer at the preschool class

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Apart from our discussions and active play and participation activities, we also use computer programs to supplement what they learn in the classroom and during playtime for kindergarten readiness. At The Education Station Day Care Center, we use Hatch Ignite which is an interactive learning platform that offers activities and games that cover various topics for children. It is proven to improve skill level through 34 areas across 7 learning domains. Some topics include self-care, language and communication, social-emotional development, math, science and technology, social studies, and more. The topics that will be provided for children are based on their developmental age. It also retains information about children’s ability to meet their goals which enables teachers to keep track of their development. The activities provided are research-based so teachers and parents can be assured that the topics covered are in line with child development to ensure that they are ready for kindergarten.

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