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If you are passionate about children and early education, looking to take control of your future and financial wellbeing, seeking an ideal work-life balance to spend more time with your loved ones, make a positive impact in your community and enrich the lives of young children, and build a legacy for your family, Marigold Academy franchise opportunity is for you.

Marigold Commitment

We are an early childhood education franchise program that offers parents’ home away from home environment for their children. Our parents send their children to our schools with a peace of mind, so they can focus on building their careers and the well-being of their family. Our program is developmentally oriented and utilizes age appropriate curriculum and assessment tools to prepare children for their elementary experience.

The curriculums of Marigold Academy are thematically based and encompass the major areas of development, incorporating many different media, materials and modalities to help students understand their external, inner, social and intellectual selves. The program is designed for small group learning with large group reinforcement whereby concentration capacities, self-esteem, and self-discipline are fostered through age-appropriate curriculums and creative experiences.

At Marigold Academy, early childhood education franchise, we combine age-appropriate curriculum with safe, healthy, nurturing, and playful physical environment, and professional and experienced staff to create a perfect home away from home for all children in our care. Our program fosters their development and prepares them to excel in higher education. Our early childhood education franchise program and curriculum enhance child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. We create an environment where every child feels comfortable exploring new things and developing their skills, knowledge, and talent. We partner with the parents and proactively advocate for each child’s success in their early education journey. We put heavy emphasis on diversity by celebrating and respecting different cultures and its values. Parents can feel at ease while their children are growing and developing to meet their full potential at Marigold Academy.

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You will have a hassle-free experience investing and processing one of our franchises with our support. Our team will walk you through the steps of becoming a franchise owner.

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