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Meltzer Family

We cannot thank you enough for all that you do to make this school truly #1!! It is like leaving my kids with family every day and that is priceless.

Kholstinin Family

Cannot say enough good things about Marigold Academy! I never have to worry about my son when he is there because I know he is safe, cared for, loved and always learning in preparation for kindergarten.

Forina Family

I would absolutely recommend Marigold Academy. Both of my kids have been there since they were babies. The staff is warm, friendly, and very loving. My children come home every day with smiles on their face and love showing and telling me what they learned that day!


We love Marigold Academy! It was clear they loved our son, and they took great care of him. Even when his behavior got challenging, they went the extra mile to help him though his struggles and even started doing individualized exercises and feedback. They are like family!

Rogers Family

All 3 of my kids have gone to the Marigold Academy and it has been a great experience. Not only did my oldest daughter leave more than ready for her first year of kindergarten but my other two children are still enrolled and go in with smiles every day. The staff is top notch from top to bottom. They go above and beyond to make sure my kids get the attention they deserve.

Former Lead Teacher

Let me just start by saying I love this place. I have worked at Marigold Academy for more than 10 years. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity I had to work here; this is a great place for kids to
learn and have fun. I will recommend Marigold Academy to anyone. This is a place where every teacher cares for the wellbeing of the children.

Easom Family

Our son was in this school for 4 years from the Infant room right through pre-K, during the turbulence of COVID. Our experience of the school has been fantastic. It really feels like a family. Our son is well prepared to go on with his learning journey.

Case Family

Thank you so much for running such a great daycare! We are so fortunate to have found Marigold Academy. Our son is thriving, learning, and growing and it is magical to see and experience.

Former Lead Teacher

My experienced at Marigold Academy was fun and a lot of learnings. We gave our best to give the TLC (Tender, Love, Care) in other words “we worked with our heart”. I truly recommend Marigold Academy.

Roarty Family

We love Marigold Academy! They are professional, but most importantly, they are nurturing and caring. They care, they know their kids, and they are truly irreplaceable. We feel lucky to have found Marigold Academy!

Black Family

We LOVE Marigold Academy. We trust them, and that is by far the most valuable thing I can ask for in a daycare.

O’Day Family

We can’t thank you enough for taking care of our children over the past 4 years! Marigold Academy is a special place and we are so glad our children were able to experience it all. Thank you so much!!

Francisco Family

Marigold Academy is fantastic. They are so knowledgeable when it comes to child development. My son transferred here after having a terrible experience at another day care in town and has loved it from day one. I highly recommend this day care.

Sood Family

Wonderful education and child-care. Teachers are excellent and management is extremely involved. Our second child will start there in a couple of months too. Can’t say enough good things about them.

Lynch-Graham Family

We absolutely loved our time at Marigold Academy! The supportive and educational environment that they provided for our daughter was exceptional. We highly recommend Marigold Academy to any parent looking for a high-quality program with a caring staff. This was truly a wonderful experience for our entire family.

Kopec Family

We noticed almost instantaneous results with our son once he started attending Marigold Academy. Their education and activity plans had dramatic results in developing our son’s speech, motor skills
and interaction with others. This is NOT dropping off your kid to have recess all day. This is leaving your kid with education professionals to help them learn and grow. We love Marigold Academy and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a daycare for their little ones.