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Our Values & Philosophy

For 30 years, Marigold Academy (formerly Education Station) has been the recognized leader in providing high-quality childcare and early education for Infants, Preschool, and Pre-K children. We are known for our exceptional educational programs, talented and caring teachers, and strong community and parent-teacher engagement. We are honest and exhibit integrity and treat each child like our own. We operate with high standards, never compromising quality or cutting corners.

Our parents and families recognize our schools as a home away from home for their children. We focus on providing a safe, healthy, fun, and nurturing learning environment for all children in our care.

Classrooms & Curriculum

Our classrooms are led by experienced educators passionate about children and early childhood education. We are known for kindergarten readiness, and our curriculums are designed accordingly and are age appropriate. Children are learning and developing progressively as they grow with us. Our objective is to help children have a strong foundation. Thus, making them well-prepared for kindergarten and setting them up for lifelong success.

Our unique curriculum is designed to develop positive social skills and values while allowing children to develop positive socio-emotional skills and learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects, and activities.

Exceptional Team & Culture

We have exceptional teams and a welcoming culture that results in a very low staff turnover. We treat our parents and staff as our own family. Hence, we achieve greater satisfaction among them. Lower turnover in staff means continuity in exceptional care, minimized stranger anxiety for children, customized care for each child, and a strong parent-teacher relationship. We put a lot of emphasis on satisfaction for our teachers. We cultivate happy staff; this means better care for children, and happy children mean happy parents.

Parent-Teacher Engagement

We strongly believe in parent engagement as a critical factor for a child’s development, including the center’s success. Therefore, our parents and families are very engaged in their child’s learning and development at school and home. We also hold fun and engaging events where parents get involved and truly become part of the family. That is what makes us a home away from home.

The Marigold Early Childhood Development Franchise Way

Our early childhood development franchise owners will have exclusive access to our teams and proven early education system. Our franchisees will be equipped with tools and support for success. Becoming a childcare franchise owner may seem like a daunting task. However, we offer our expertise, system, tools, and ongoing support to help you open your childcare center and assist you with day-to-day operations to become a successful business owner. We have already gone through this process and have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals as a Marigold Academy franchisee.

Strong Unit Economics

We believe in building a strong foundation and legacy for our family. Our strong reputation, leadership, commitment to providing high-quality childcare services, and mission to create a home away from home environment for our parents have allowed us to grow consistently to deliver strong financial performance. Our early childhood developtment franchisees will have access to the same formula for success to build a legacy for their families. Financial details are available in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


We believe that training is a crucial part of a franchisee to be successful at running their own center. Franchise owners and their operating managers will receive hands-on training and support from our teams. As part of the process, franchisees receive hands-on training at one of our existing corporate centers. It will give you exposure to what it will be like running your center just as efficiently as we run our corporate centers. You will be exposed to what it’s like to run day-to-day operations and how to optimize the parent-teacher relationship, which is the backbone of each center’s success.

We also provide on-site training at your school prior to opening. That will train you on our system, approach, and philosophy to assist your staff in running day-to-day operations and handling different expected and unexpected situations as they may arise. We also provide ongoing support once your center is open and operating. As a new owner, you will be faced with different situations, and many questions will arise. Our teams will assist you and guide you with our experience so you can be at ease while ramping up your school enrollment. We will support you through every step of your journey of becoming a Marigold Academy Franchise owner, from your initial inquiry all the way to the first day of school and beyond.

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