Franchise Opportunity

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Support and Training

What You Will Learn

We believe that training is a crucial part of a franchisee to be successful at running their own center. Franchise owners and their operating managers will receive hands-on training and support from our teams.  It will give you exposure to what it will be like running your center as we run our corporate centers. You will be exposed to what it’s like to run day-to-day operations and how to optimize the parent-teacher relationship, which is the backbone of each center’s success.

Day-to-Day Operations

Get equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful management. 

Approach & Philosophy

Learn our approach to ensure consistency in values and customer experience across all locations.

Hands-On Corporate Training

Experience practical, on-site learning to master operational techniques and business strategies.

On-Site Training

We also provide on-site training at your school prior to opening. That will train you on our system, approach, and philosophy to assist your staff in running day-to-day operations and handling different expected and unexpected situations as they may arise. We also provide ongoing support once your center is open and operating. As a new owner, you will be faced with different situations, and many questions will arise. Our teams will assist you and guide you with our experience so you can be at ease while ramping up your school enrollment. We will support you through every step of your journey of becoming a Marigold Academy Franchise owner, from your initial inquiry all the way to the first day of school and beyond.

Start a Marigold Academy Franchise

If you are passionate about children and early education, looking to take control of your future and financial wellbeing, seeking an ideal work-life balance to spend more time with your loved ones, make a positive impact in your community and enrich the lives of young children, and build a legacy for your family, Marigold Academy franchise opportunity is for you.

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