Healthy and Delicious: Tips on Feeding Your Child

healthy-and-delicious-tips-on-feeding-your-childIt’s known that children, especially toddlers to young school-age kids, can be picky eaters. It’s funny and adorable at first, but when your child misses out on different vitamins and minerals sourced from healthy and safe foods, you get a problem. Your child can get malnourish and experience vitamin deficiency which can stunt growth and development. A problem expert on day care in Montclair, New Jersey, had seen many parents’ experiences.

As a service provider of a day care center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, we recommend that healthy eating habits and choices start at home with you guiding them and pruning out the unhealthy habits, preferences, and misconceptions. So, what can you do as a parent or guardian? Here are some tips from us:

  • Be the example.

    Eat those vegetables and fruits and show your enjoyment. If the children see nothing wrong with eating it, they’ll know it will not harm them.

  • Make the food look and taste delicious.

    If the kids get a positive impression when they see and taste the meal, they’ll be excited to eat it the next time. Of course, be consistent.

  • Serve them variety.

    Going healthy doesn’t mean no more unhealthy foods. Just control and limit. Let your child experience the taste of other unhealthy foods in moderation and with limitations.

Teaching young children about healthy eating habits, choices, and perceptions may not be part of usual educational programs. But here at The Education Station Day Care Center, we integrate these lessons with our young learners and their parents. We understand that it is collaborative work between us, the students, and the parents in making and keeping the children healthy through nutritious meals.

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