How to Promote Your Toddler’s Development

How to Promote Your Toddler's Development

Toddlerhood is an especially important stage in your child’s life. Often called the ‘terrible two’s,’ it is in toddlerhood that temper tantrums, thumb-sucking, and even nightmares, among other defiant behaviors, will be common as they navigate this period of rapid change. On the bright side, this is also the stage where you can expect them to exhibit significant learning milestones.

As an established day care center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, we have had our fair share of experiences in this stage. Luckily, as their preschool teacher would have probably told you by now, this stage does not last forever and you, as a parent, can shape how this period will turn out.

Thus, as your trusted our day care in Montclair, New Jersey, we at The Education Station Day Care Center have listed down some of the most significant ways you can help your toddler during this time. Among these include:

  • Make reading to your toddler a daily habit and promote their cognitive development through activities such as puzzles, pointing, and ‘bring me’ games
  • Encourage your toddler’s independence by letting him help in his own dressing and feeding
  • Base your disciplinary methods on responding to their good behaviors more than the unwanted ones
  • When reprimanding them for harmful behavior, make sure to discuss with them the ‘why’ as well as tell them what they can do instead
  • Boost your toddler’s language development by talking with him/her
  • Talk with their teachers at their day care in New Jersey for insights into their behavior so you can supplement them at home.

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