Making Potty Training Easy and Less Stressful

Making Potty Training Easy and Less Stressful

You may be considering potty training your child as it can be a requirement for preschool Enrollment. Most children begin to show signs of readiness for potty training by 18 to 24 months. However, not all kids get ready at the same age so it is important to check for signs of readiness.

Our daycare in New Jersey will tell you that it is important that you let your child’s readiness lead the potty training instead of forcing it. Some signs may include stopping an activity for a few seconds or clutching his or her diaper. They also need to be able to follow simple instructions and understand and use words about using the potty.

As a successful daycare in Montclair, New Jersey we recommend the following potty training tips:

  • Ask your child to let you know when a diaper is wet or soiled
  • Identify behaviors (“are you going to poop?”) so that your child can learn to recognize the urge to pee or poop
  • Get a potty chair your child can practice sitting on. They can sit on it wearing clothes or a diaper at first
  • Set aside time to devote to the potty-training process
  • Don’t let them sit on the toilet against their will

Are you thinking of enrolling your child in a daycare center in Bloomfield, New Jersey? Give us a call at The Education Station Day Care Center(862) 362- 2100. Our dedicated staff will make sure to support your child’s educational and social development needs.

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