Monitor and Watch What Your Kids Watch


Kids nowadays love to watch shows on TV and online. There are many platforms they can find entertainment. Sometimes, these are advantageous to parents, especially when they have many chores to handle. However, there are some channels that are not suitable for young audiences.

As a Day Care in New Jersey, we recommend shows and films that are age-appropriate. But be careful because there are sites that perform parodies, gross, and violent versions of children’s programs. And we do not want our children to see those, so we recommend these:

  • Set parental controls.
    Go to your app settings, then turn on the restrictions. Network providers always remind us to do this for our kids in Preschool.
  • Let them watch on kid-friendly apps.
    Use a different phone they can use so they cannot open your accounts accidentally. If an extra gadget is not available, download kids’ apps separate from yours. Youtube and Netflix have their kiddie platforms.
  • Lessen screentime
    Do not expose them to too much TV time to let their eyes rest and to minimize radiation exposure. That rule goes as well with online streaming and while film viewing in their Day Care in Montclair, New Jersey, if any. Sit with them, set a schedule, and be consistent so your kids can develop self-control and obey your rules.

Children nowadays are clever. They have their ways towards anything. So when you need a support system for your children’s awareness and early education, The Education Station Day Care Center is the place to be.

Enroll them in a Day Care Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, which will help them achieve the skills, talents, and attitude they need towards better performance at school and beyond. Together, we can guide them to have a great start.

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