On Hitting Developmental Milestones: When to Seek Help

Is Your One-Year-Old Hitting His Milestones? When to Seek Help

As parents ourselves and educators at The Education Station Day Care Center, our very own day care center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, we understand that it can be distressing to discover that your child does not seem to be exhibiting actions and/or habits that you expect from them.

This said, just because your child is not making the same progress as their peers in our day care in New Jersey or elsewhere does not automatically mean that he or she has an abnormality or is developmentally delayed.

Running an experienced day care center in Essex County, New Jersey has taught us that while it is normal to be worried, we should maintain a calm stance and seek to understand the situation. As a general rule it is good to act early on your concerns.

First on the list is taking time to observe your child for a certain period. This way, you can confirm if you were just acting on stresses or impulses or if your observations should be a cause for concern. Your observations during this time could also help you relay information more accurately when you meet with their pediatrician.

Here’s what to look for and when to seek help:

  • The child does not crawl or learn gestures liking pointing to things
  • The child cannot stand even with support
  • The child doesn’t say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’
  • The child does not look for things during ‘hide and seek’ games
  • The child suddenly loses the skills and habits he appeared to have had

It will also help if you speak with their teachers at their day care. Our teachers at our day care in Montclair, New Jersey, for one, will be sure to assist you.

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