A Toddler’s Developmental Milestones You Should Observe


Like any other important stage in your child’s life, toddler care demands the greatest attention, time, patience, and care. Getting in touch with early childhood experts will assist you in determining if your child has a delay and how to tackle it.

So, what developmental milestones might you expect to see in your child’s toddler years?

During their first year, your kid should begin to utilize language, become timid around strangers, point to objects, turn pages in a book, and walk independently. As a result, assist them in achieving these milestones by accompanying them every step of the way. Make boundaries and be consistent while demonstrating courteous behaviors for your toddler to mimic. Read books together, set rules, and be consistent.

Your toddler should learn to play and engage with people and objects around them when they are 2-3 years old. Toddlers grow more active and curious about their surroundings at this age. They will also grow more vocal, grasp past tense terms, and ask you various inquiries.

At Education Station Daycare Center – Randolph, New Jersey, a provider of early childhood education in Randolph, New Jersey, we give our toddlers the chance to learn through directional music, art, wiggle/dance, creative expression (with painting), sensory discovery, and more.

Learning through play allows your child to concentrate on cognitive and social development while teaching them about collaboration, relationships, and sportsmanship, as well as enabling them to practice social and congestive skills as they grow. This will help prepare your child for whatever path they take.

Our preschool is ready to help your child meet new challenges that will help them grow into well-developed individuals.

Send us a message anytime to learn more about our day care center in New Jersey.

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