Developing Your Child’s Communication Skills


Children naturally develop skills over time. While they have the natural aptitude to pick up new skills, parents and educators can have a hand in developing these skills. Many educational programs have the goal to ensure the kids develop numerous skills.

As a day care center in New Jersey, we know that communication skills are some of the most vital abilities that children can have. Through these skills, they can strengthen their social skills. Strong communication skills also help kids interact with others better. What are some of the best ways to help your children develop these communication skills?

  • Habitual Reading
    Reading can sharpen your child’s cognitive skills. This habit will also help kids internalize new words that they can use in their everyday language usage.
  • Casual Conversations
    The simple act of talking to your children will develop their language and communication skills. As you speak to them, they can learn how to listen and respond. Talking to them frequently can strengthen their communication abilities.
  • Open-Ended Questions
    Asking your kids open-ended questions will prompt them to think about their answers before conveying them. These questions also give them an opportunity to explain their answer. Through open-ended questions, kids can learn how to communicate better.
  • Music and Songs
    Music and songs help kids learn new words and sounds. Information can also be retained better when conveyed in song form. Every preschool often incorporates these songs into their teaching methods.

Here at Education Station Daycare Center – Randolph, New Jersey, we are more than happy to help you kids develop strong communication skills. We provide early childhood education in Randolph, New Jersey, to aid your kids in their learning journey. Call us today for your inquiries!

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