How Our Preschool Programs Introduce Reading


Children are introduced to reading in a variety of methods in preschool programs, including interactive activities, learning games, reading exercises, and reinforcing activities. Vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and writing applications are frequently included in preschool educational programs. Preschool teachers also guide children via guided reading, assisting them with any terms they do not comprehend.

An excellent preschool reading curriculum should include the following components:

  • Foundational literacy activities include interactive storybook reading, games that help children identify letters of the alphabet, and interactive encounters with language and print through poetry and nursery rhymes.
  • Read-Aloud is a way of reading aloud that helps children understand the text being read while also teaching vocabulary and concepts.
  • Reading a storybook multiple times in slightly varied ways helps children improve their analytical skills as they answer carefully constructed questions regarding the book.
  • Phonetic Awareness teaches children how to control the sounds that comprise a language, such as detecting sounds in words and matching those sounds to letters.
  • Books with a wide range of amazing characters, such as talking animals, capitalize on children’s passion for pretend play.

Every day, educators at our Day Care Center in New Jersey read to children, ask them questions about the reading material, play rhyming games, help children to sound out short words, and encourage them to memorize a few sight words.

Preschool programs at Education Station Daycare Center – Randolph, New Jersey, include a rigorous reading and early literacy program that introduces your child to books and language skills.

If you are searching for excellent early childhood education in Randolph, New Jersey, you cannot go wrong with our childcare center.

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