Smart Strategies to Help Children Take Their Medicine

Smart Strategies to Help Children Take Their Medicine

Are you struggling to get your children to take their medicine? You are not alone. Our day care center in Essex County, New Jersey, can confirm that many parents have had a challenge in this area.

But what can you do when your children are sick and refuse to take their medicine? You need to find a way around it so that they can get healthy faster. Our day care in New Jersey has listed down some strategies that can help:

  • Give them a sense of control.
    If your children need to take medicine, allow them to pick the flavor they want. Or, you can let them practice giving medicine to their stuffed animal. You can also allow your children to decide when they will take it. This way, they will not struggle. After all, they were able to have a say.
  • Add the medicine to their food.
    Most of the time, there is no harm in crushing a pill and disguising it in food. But, you should ask your doctor before attempting this. Some medications can be altered when crushed or opened. Also, you must see to it that your children finish their food to obtain the medicine’s complete dose.
  • Have a positive attitude about it.
    Your children can sense your emotions. If you tend to get frustrated when giving them their medicine, our day care in Montclair, New Jersey, encourages you to rethink your approach. The more annoyed you seem, the more they will resist your attempts. Therefore, be more positive.

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