The Importance of Morning and Afternoon Naps

The Importance of Morning and Afternoon Naps

Naptime is an important part of a child’s development as growing requires plenty of sleep. When a child naps, a lot of essential benefits for their development will take place, and if you want your child to grow properly, you, as a parent will indeed encourage nap times for them.

When your child naps, this means that they are conserving energy and kids need more sleep when going through a growth spurt. That is why it is encouraged to include nap time in every preschool curriculum because when a kid is asleep:

  • Their brain is processing memories that are critical for learning
  • It is important for healthy growth and development
  • It helps them to socialize and get along well with others
  • Napping supports a child’s learning throughout the day.

Skipping naps can be detrimental to a child’s performance, most especially in memory-based activities. That is the reason why our daycare center in Bloomfield, New Jersey encourages and implements morning and afternoon naps for children.

The Education Station Day Care Center understands what every child need and supports their development by nurturing them and molding them to become better individuals. As growing daycare in New Jersey, we continue to deliver quality early childhood programs to our kids to help them achieve their milestones.

Hence, for good and quality daycare in Montclair, New Jersey¸ our center can be the perfect option. We have prepared and designed programs that are per every child’s unique needs.

If you are interested in us, get to know more about us on our website. For further and urgent concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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