The Importance of Preschool in Child Development


Our professionals specializing in early childhood education in Bloomfield, New Jersey, explain why preschool is so crucial and bust the following misconceptions:

  • The advantages of preschool are temporary.
    By age five, our capacity to develop a vocabulary, a lifelong communication skill, is essentially determined. There is a high correlation between preschool attendance and achievement in a variety of life domains, according to research on the long-term impacts of preschool.
  • The children do nothing except play games and sing songs.
    Research shows that young children make the most natural connections when they do things like play games and sing songs. Singing songs promotes speech and language growth, boosting vocabulary and communication abilities.
  • All of these topics can be taught at home.
    The things you teach your child at home are reinforced in a new setting, and it helps their brain be more active as they explore a new environment, such as a day care center in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

In conclusion, early education is very important for a child’s development, and parents need to give their children the chance to go to a good school.

All of the programs for child development at The Education Station Day Care Center include a variety of activities to help kids grow and learn.

Please visit our day care in Montclair, New Jersey, to learn more about our programs.

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