The Perks of Playtime for Children


Playing is a great learning tool for children. That is why many early education centers like our Day Care Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, incorporate play into the curriculum. Many Enrichment Activities also incorporate playtime into sports, language lessons, music lessons, and more.

Here are some surprising benefits of playtime you may not have known about:

  • It Promotes Imagination and Creativity

    Many games involve problem-solving and critical thinking. Working out solutions during playtime to overcome obstacles can help children strengthen their imagination and creativity. Successfully overcoming obstacles can also help children improve their self-esteem and confidence.

  • It Improves Physical Fitness

    Playtime is a great way for children to expend energy and stay active, strengthening their bodies and improving their mental health as well. It will also sharpen reflexes, improve motor skills, build muscles, develop balance, and improve cardiovascular health.

  • It Encourages Independence

    During playtime, children have the opportunity to set their own rules and guide others, encouraging leadership skills that can help them learn how to become more independent and have confidence in their abilities and capabilities.

  • It Can Promote Behavioral Health

    Play is also a great tool that helps children learn how to interact and behave around others. They will have to learn values and concepts like teamwork, boundaries, sharing, and how to play nice with other children. Centers like our Day Care in Montclair, New Jersey, also organize many fun activities for children where they learn how to play and interact with others.

The power of play can promote and support your child’s early education and early development. For more information about the benefits of playtime, you can call The Education Station Day Care Center at (862) 362- 2100. We provide Educational Programs, Infant Care, and Early Childhood Education in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

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