Tips on Dealing With Your Child’s Tantrums

Tips on Dealing With Your Child’s Tantrums

Tantrums can be common for preschool children aged 1-3 years old. This is a time when they start to develop their social and emotional skills. They often feel overwhelmed and don’t have the words to express big emotions. This is why they have explosions of anger, frustration, and disorganized behavior.

As an experienced day care in Montclair, New Jersey we often have to deal with children having tantrums. Here are some tips we recommend to parents to reduce tantrums and effectively deal with them when they happen:

  • Reduce stress on your child
    Tired, hungry, and overstimulated children are more likely to experience tantrums
  • Identify tantrum triggers
    Plan out certain situations to avoid known triggers
  • Talk about emotions with your child
    Encourage your child to name the feeling and what caused it to help them understand their emotions
  • Stay calm and wait out the tantrum
    If you get angry, the situation will be harder for you and your child. Just stay close to your child so they know you’re there.
  • Be consistent
    If you sometimes give them what they want and sometimes don’t, then the problem can get worse.

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