Language and vocabulary training.

African-american little girl learning a alphabet letterWe believe that the best time to teach a child a second language is around the moment that they are developing in their primary language. Since young children are very perceptive in language and vocabulary development, it is easier for them to learn both at the same time.

Thus, we introduce to our students the following language:

  • Spanish

Through everyday experience and interactions with our bi-lingual staff, our students are introduced to these languages to provide a usable format for the students to expand these skills.

Additionally, Marigold Academy will provide instruction in:

  • American Sign Language

Language introduction begins as early as our infant care program. Each week, included in our group based email update to parents, ESDC will provide the words, phrases, and signs that we are working on. Therefore, parents are able to participate and reinforce their child’s learning at home.

For more information, please send us a message or reach us through our given contact information.