Educational programs that promote your child’s holistic development.

In our Day Care Center, our programs are designed to support your children’s holistic development. While academic learning and aptitude are important, we also make sure that their psycho-social well-being is well-developed. We incorporate various learning materials and media into our curriculum to promote fun and diversity in learning. A lot of children at this age are experiential and observational learners, so we make sure that we provide them with activities that will enable them to apply their learning during lectures or with their classmates.

The curriculums of the Marigold Academy are thematically based and encompass the major areas of development, incorporating many different media and materials to help students understand their external, inner, social and intellectual selves. The program is designed for small group learning with large group reinforcement whereby concentration capacities, self-esteem and self-discipline skills are fostered through appropriate curriculums.

Programs We Offer:

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