Teaching children about music from a young age.

two little kids playing pianoEach level is designed to function both independently and as a step along a learning continuum, as essential music concepts are introduced within each level. In each level, new lessons and materials are introduced to accommodate the child’s developmental age and knowledge in music. As the levels progress, so will their learning about music and their instruments advance.

Our music program is provided to students on various levels with consideration of their age namely:

  • Infant (6 weeks to 12 months)
  • Toddler (12 to 24 months)
  • Mini (2-year olds)
  • Introductory Level (3-years old)
  • Level I (4- & 5-years old)

Children learn concepts such as Tempo (fast and slow), Dynamics (loud and soft), Pitch (high and low), Music Appreciation (emphasis on Haydn’s “Toy Symphony” & “Surprise Symphony,” Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” multicultural genres, et al.), Creative Movement and Multi-Cultural Songs, Dances, and Activities (introduction to traditional folk music and games from around the world) along with an introduction to various types of Percussion Instruments. Through active participation in our innovatively designed readiness games (including Follow the Leader, Music Bingo, Grab Bag Game, Go Fish, and the Rhythm Box Game), we introduce Keyboard Vocabulary to our Level I students.

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